Monday, February 6, 2017

ManikMag.Com 'Social Circle' Op-Ed - Trumping Sexual Assault

This is an incredibly disconcerting time for those of us who believe in a world of equality and freedom of speech. We are now subject to living in a world where discrimination and sexism are widely becoming recurrent in even the most unlikely of places, as referring to the recent swastikas found on a New York City train.  With a tenacious grasp on de-evolution, the Alt-Right's 'covert' racism has unveiled their incongruent nature to that of the hopes and desires the vast majority of Americans hold; all while isolating us from our allies who bear witness to the slippery slope on which the United States freedoms rest upon. 

So no, this is not the time to 'go gently into that good night' and frankly, I don't think there ever will be in this lifetime. Not when the opposition of journalist integrity is being flagrantly met with "Alternative Facts' and Human Rights are severely traversed upon with worldwide repercussions.  In showing solidarity with the girls, women, and mothers of the world;  myself along with some of the tops influencers of the Curvy Industry offer our voice as feminists and women of female empowerment. 

When the premiere curvy fashion & style publication Manik Mag reached out to Xponential Curve for an opinion on the recent statements of sexual assault made by our now 45th President-elect of the United States, myself along with other top influencers such as; Model/Entrepreneur, Jeannie Ferguson, Muslimah Blogger, Leah Vernon, Blogger Brandee L. Tibbs, Plus Model Brittne Brande took a moment to answer this question; below which you will be able to read my full blurb on the matter....

"As a woman or Feminist, how does it feel to know the President of  the Country of which you live; holds these types of beliefs, and practices this type of behavior toward women?"

There are these relatively ‘New Terms’ floating around the internet, you may have heard them, “Sex-Positive, Anti-Slut Shaming, Women’s Rights. Ok so the last one isn’t an entirely new concept but these days you would think it is!! I mean it certainly falls under the umbrella of Human Rights which if you’ve been watching the news seems a concept that the powers that be register as an unfathomable notion. I mean a woman in control of her sexuality who can function autonomously without a man must be some kind of Alternative Fact or something. 

Now America has ushered in a Pussy Grabbing Gaffe of a POTUS whose rhetoric of Rape Culture and Bigotry is front and center on the world stage. History is repeating itself and not the good kind of history like the Abolishment of Slavery or the Suffrage & Civil Rights movements... No we’re on the darkest DeLorean ride spiraling down into this surreal Orwellian nightmare where 1984 meets 2017, Alternative Facts are the Alt-Rights New Black and Rape Culture is King. 

In Trumps America, look but don’t touch is an antiquated truth that does not apply to the Rich and Powerful. Understanding the severe psychological distortion of an Oligarch hierarchy as it relates to Women, we are a low priority when it comes to fair and ethical treatment but we’ve seen this before, haven’t we?? Racism and Sexism are totally intertwined where dominance is the principle factor and we now have a President going off the rails of his crazy train implementing two of the most controversial Executive Orders in his less than 2 weeks in office as of my writing this blurb. 

The mere concept of Free Will, which disavowed religions promotion of slavery and was a great ally in 'The Abolitionist Movement', somehow keeps evading the entire female species.  It seems the powers that be understand the true power they would be relinquishing if they acknowledged women are born with Free Will just the same as any man. Men like Trump who push forward agendas that deny a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body is an extension of the denial of Free Wills existence.  

Through these “Phallus-ies’ we are left to deal with the offspring of men who’s delusions of grandeur creates generational psychosis where these men believe they hold dominion over another. Trump's confidence is based on "Alternative Facts" and C’mon ladies we all know men like him!!  Those unevolved Basic ass dudes who think who they are cause some simpleton came along and inflated him up once upon a time so now he thinks who he is… The bottom line is these men are incapable of honoring a woman as Sacred no matter their tax bracket. Oh wait, Trump doesn’t pay taxes that’s right… 

There go those Delusions of Grandeur I was speaking of!!  So Trump and the men who celebrate Rape Culture and the women who voted him in cause they have yet to understand their divinity know no God, they only know Power of ‘Prey’er and so the fight continues for Free Will and the pursuit of women being seen as equal.  

As we advance, as women and the minority become the majority, we have to understand why they are resorting to these new lows. We keep elevating and once you ascend these fear tactics no longer have Power of us.  We’re on a new level so with that we got this new devil.  In light of our new reality it’s important we show love to our male comrades or as I call them 'FeMANists' who know they got their name and their game from a woman… The ones with disciplined focus who only seek control over their own existence… The ones who want a woman whose frequency matches theirs to Create… We are the Vessels of Creation... No Chump in office will ever change this. 

We must ALWAYS remember to Use our Power for good... HAIL TO THE VESSEL OF ALL MEN'S CREATION... May you NEVER FORGET where you got your name and your game from... #PowerToThePussy

~Xponential Curve 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Is she even a Model?? Why I decided I could "Do that Too" – The Importance of Lovin the Crew

For the better part of 2016, this question repeatedly circled my brain despite years of working successfully both in front and behind the scenes. My ambidextrous work style has left colleagues and critics to question the role I play within the industry....

"I mean... but what does she do?? Is she a Writer, a Model or a Publicist??" 

So many people have asked this question expecting me to choose one over the other to which I confidently and emphatically answer with, "I do that too!" and it's just that simple... These are all the skills I possess in all the ways I can contribute to the whole. By staying true to what I know and do best, I've been fortunate to work with some of the most respected figures across a variety of industries and genres, from Fashion to Music to Television; growing and learning from prominent leaders within the Plus Size Fashion Community, it has been through sharing my experiences and connecting with people on a genuine level that we have grown our brands 'Xponentially'. Why dummy that down?? As an independent 'modelprenuer', making the decision to utilize any and all skill sets will best represent the projects and people I work with to produce incredible portfolios all while showing that crew love. (XOXC)

High/Low Top: Zara - Accessories: H&M - Vintage Leopard Jacket Buffalo Exchange

During fashion shoots you'll find the usual suspects; Wardrobe Stylists, Makeup Artists,  Hairstylists, and Photographers.... those whose creative drive bring editorial storyboards to life. As an independent artist, giving and receiving credit is everything, so in transitioning from model to writer, I began Xponential Curve not only to collaborate with but celebrate these artists and BTS folks who, without them, would leave the Fashion, Film and Art worlds amiss. 

On one of the last balmy days of this Summer '16, while working on set as a publicist our models medical emergency would have led to a missed opportunity to shoot. With a crew of 4 who traveled far and wide, there was no choice that the show must go on.  I transitioned from BTS to working as the subject of our Fall Fashion inspired shoot.

On that Summer day, revered Stylists, Styles Lewis; Co-host of Styles Chamber fashion podcast, whom I got to work came to Jose Pagan Photography's studio in NYC hauling several huge bags filled with tops, bottoms, and accessories galore, Styles 15+ years of impeccable fashion composition has garnered her connections with the now curvy inclusive fashion brand Rachel Roy as well as a stylist residency at the NYC fashion mecca Lord & Taylor. Styles doesn't shy away from thrift and vintage stores either and it is her eye for savvy, that gets us models to Slay.  There's an extra confidence that comes from knowing a look was chosen and put together specifically for you... Hiring a stylist for special occasions or even at the beginning of seasons can truly help you refine your style or expose you to up and coming designers. A good stylist will know your body and proportions... see which colors work for you pulling together looks that will translate sentiment through visual aesthetic inspired by the latest high fashion runway collections.

@StylesLewis14 and I on Set "Fall Shoot 2016" 

For the first look, Styles wanted to translate Holiday Glam with a classic feel pulling this season' trendy H&M Pleated Skirt paired with a Lace Top from Zara.  

Lace Top: Zara Skirt: H&M

Another incredible talent on set was lead MUA, Rayyan Akhdar of 'Nayyara Beauty', a New York City-based hairstylist and makeup artist. I first met Rayyan during 'Bridal Couture Fashion Week' produced by Nailah Lymus of Amirah Creations where Rayyan gave me my High Fashion Big Bun complimenting the extravagance of the Bridal Dresses. 

MUA @Rayyanakhdar of Nayyara Beauty

Rayyan is a part of the growing Muslimah Fashionista movement formally trained at Paul Mitchell School in North Haven, CT with her work appearing in fashion and beauty publications nationwide as well as on major industry runways including New York Fashion Week and Full Figure Fashion Week. Rayyan is available for commercial and editorial print, bridal, special events, speaking engagements, and much more.

Nayyara Beauty is an independent start-up style brand with Rayyan Akhdar utilizing Nayyara Beauty products to showcase her work, as well as share her tips, recommendations, tutorials and more. Inspired by the fashion industry and being extremely passionate about her craft she hopes to develop her own beauty line under the Nayyara Beauty name.

Also on set was my girl, Hairstylist Kemora Hakara, CEO of, "Elite High End Hair'. We always crack up on set every time we meet. With an effortless hairstyle technique its Kemora's 18+ years in the industry that has led her to work with celebrity clients, on music video shoot, NYFW runways and more.
Kemora Hakara CEO of Elite High End Hair

Ig @yourhairmajesty FB @Kemorahakara

 CLICK HERE!!!!! Jacket: NY & CO  (XXL ONLY ON SALE NOW As of 12/6/16!!!!)

 Kemora's company offers 40 inch hair and she also makes custom full lace and lace wigs closures in frontals. If you're looking for cuts, hair care braids, weaves, dreads, twist
wigs or crotchet dyes you can reach out to Kemora on her Social Media sites mentioned in the Logo caption above.


Finally, if you've been following Xponential Curve over the last 3 years you would have gotten a glimpse into the "Unboxed" and subsequent illuminated mind behind the images shot by Nationally recognized Photographer, Jose Pagan of Jose Pagan Photography. Leaving his imprint on the plus size fashion world as the go-to photographer, Jose is also widely celebrated for his gallery art celebrating the naked Zaftig form recently developing his own Quarterly online publication iDare Magazine with a bold perspective on the latest Art, Fashion, Models, and Music. That which pushes beyond the binds of societal conformity. Jose's production are always a next level event with Pagan being the principle photographer and producer behind our shoot pulling together all of the creative energy on set that day in late August.

Here are some of the looks we shot in the spirit of Crew love and letting the world know the immense talents that reside in the realm BTS.

Jacket + Jeans: NY & CO 

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Calling All Curvy Models Ready to Strut for High End Couture 'Pink The Runway'!! 

Get Those Comp Cards Ready!!! 

Laura Mazurek of 'Laura Mazurek Fashion Services' and Crystal Carmen of 'Pink Stiletto Cosmetics' are joining forces with Top Designers and Industry Professionals to present The First ever Black Tie Couture Runway show 'Pink the Runway' which will be held at the ultra chic Le Meridian Hotel in Philadelphia, PA.

With a lack of representation of Curvy Models in High End Couture Ad campaigns, Pink the Runway is advocating major marketers and advertisers begin including the Full Figured woman in Luxury Brand advertisements. Curvy Model, Full Figured Model or just plain model.. How every you describe the voluptuous figure Pink the Runway is setting out to secure our rightful place in the High End Fashion market. In addition to the Curvy Evolution,  a portion of the evenings Proceeds will benefit the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

If you can not attend the event but wish to donate you may do so here.

For more Model Registration Details and Location for Pink the Runway Casting Click Here

Out-of-State models interested in submitting must submit their professional Comp Card to:

Selected Models will get a featured Model Spotlight in Queen Size Magazine!!!

Good Luck!! and here are a few of the Designers Sponsors and Media involved.. More TBA!!!

Platinum Sponsor Lapazimageing Fashion Forward

Diamond Sponsor Uber

Diamond Sponsor Philly Bride

Diamond Sponsor Amentas Key

Featured Designers and Press include:

Marco Hall
Doug Swaim Never Forgotten Photography

Doug Swaim Never Forgotten Photography

Curvy Chicks Consigment Boutique

Beyond Curves Magazine @BeyondCurvesMag 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Say Y.E.S.S to the Test and Find 'Your Essential Signature' Style!!!!

Discovering our own fashion sense can be a bit of a challenge for anyone of any body structure. We follow runways and magazines, looking to our favorite celebs for inspiration to recreate distinctive looks but somehow can't fully grasp how we can cinch these trends to fit the make up of our personal Signature Style. Sometimes for the sake of being trendy we end up doing exactly what our parents told us not to do, following the crowd straight off that Bridge into the abyss of a 'Fashtastrophe'. I'll never forget my recent Fashtastrophe... The high wasted jean... BUT WHY NICOLE???!!! You should have known you would only create a Faux Pas with your FUPA (Fat Upper -we'll just say- 'Pelvic' Area) and end up cringing once the photos surfaced... However, hindsight is 20/20 right guys?? It's best we let these misses create that Xponential Learning Curve for future Rockin Red Carpet/ Night on the Town Moments.... And yes, Needless to say, we do have the freedom to wear whatever we want just personally I would rather accentuate the assets and minimize the rest.  With this concept in mind pioneering Plus Model Royalty, Runway the Real Way inclusive catwalk Curator, Innovator, Musician (and I'm honored to say, one of my closest confidantes) Catherine Schuller came up with the 'Y.E.S.S Style Assessment Quiz' to help you hone in on what 'Your Essential Signature Style' may be! 

Catherine's 'Y.E.S.S Series' will be featured monthly on the  Plus Designer Clothing Brand Igigi.Com 'Igigi Style Blog'. Some very lucky Curvy Influencers will be able to take the quiz, have their style assessed and be featured on the go to premier fashion brands blog scoring some beautiful dresses for participating!!! XC is so honored humbled and proud to be the FIRST featured Blogger setting off this interactive informative fashion style blog and from the bottom of Mi Corazon I want to thank for my new 2 GORGEOUS dresses and of course Thank you to my lady Catherine for being such and amazing support system and inspiration in both my personal and professional life.. Love you Beyond...

Photography by my great friend and visionary +Jose Pagan of

Igigi Francesca Dress in Tuberose Jewelry By

Igigi Kelly Dress in Noir Rose  Jewerly by

"Style is being yourself on purpose.  Dressing without guessing….always be true to your nature.  Take the Y.E.S.S. Style Quiz and discover Your Essential Signature Style.  This will help you in selecting clothing and in building a wardrobe that is truly an example of your personality and inner self.  This quiz is a fast yet effective way to determine which criteria are appropriate for you and will assist you in making clothing selections that are reflective of your essence.  The results will help you deliver a message of consistency that allows you to express who you are and achieve what you want.  You will begin to develop and define immediate visual impact, hone rapid fire messages which are revealed in subtle, obvious, deliberate and purposeful ways.   Define a strategy for dressing once and for all based on style selections.  Master your purpose by knowing your style and what it means to have that “distinct aura” that only visual presentation mastery exudes.  Put your best look forward!"
~Catherine Schuller

Catherine and I out to Lunch on a beautiful afternoon after another Successful RTRW

So there you have it!!! We know you want to take the test and Xponential Curve got you covered!!!  Answer these 6 quick and easy questions below and you will be savvy, self sufficient and better able to gauge where you land on the spectrum to create unique or recreate inspired outfits based on 'YOUR Essential Signature Style'.  

What’s Your Style Type?
Circle all that apply (no more than 3 per question....)

  1. How would you describe your attitude and personality?
    1. Energetic, friendly, casual, fun, spontaneous, unpretentious
    2. Discerning, conservative, refined, efficient, reliable, dignified
    3. Gentle, compassionate, caring, delicate, warm, soft, charming
    4. Daring, exciting, sensuous, flirtatious
    5. Independent, self-assured, flamboyant, unconventional, unique

  1. How do you prefer your clothes to fit?
    1. Comfortable and easy
    2. Softly tailored
    3. Loose, gentle, flowing
    4. Body-defining or a little revealing
    5. Structured, fitted, architectural

  1. What kinds of fabrics do you prefer to wear?
    1. Easy care fabrics – cottons, blends, tweeds, khaki and denim
    2. Fine quality gabardine, twills, silk, cashmere, wool jersey
    3. Fluid, lightweight silks, rayon, lace, challis, velvet, crepe and chiffon.
    4. Knits and jerseys with drape or stretch, or shiny and smooth textures
    5. Medium to firm weight fabrics with body and shape, leather and fabrics with unusual weaves or textures.

  1. What’s your favorite jewelry?
    1. Simple, practical, classic, non-fussy
    2. Elegant, simple but rich-looking
    3. Antique pieces, cameos, pearls, delicate items
    4. Big, dangling, sparkling, shining
    5. Striking, bold, ethnic, angular, unique

  1. Which describe your favorite accessories and finishing touches?
    1. Simple, easy shoes, bags and belts that mix and match, go anywhere
    2. Highest quality silk scarves, fine leather bags, belts and shoes
    3. Lace trimmed pieces, ruffles, ribbons, bows, delicate colors
    4. High heels or sling-backs, dramatic jewelry, perfume
    5. Bold, unusual pieces, handmade or one of a kind items, art-to-wear, dramatic wraps and hats

  1. What are your favorite color palates and strategies?
    1. Neutrals, earth  tones, colors from nature
    2. Conservative, low contrast and monochromatic colors in shaded or muted tones
    3. Pastels, lighter and brighter colors and whites
    4. Bold, bright, high contrast colors in pure tones
    5. Black and contrast mixes, metallics and brights.

The Five Styles of Modern Lives 
          Did you see a pattern?  Were you torn between one or two types?  Individual style is nearly always a blend of styles based upon a dominant, or core style.  To find your core style - the one that defines how you approach clothing, and your personality – look at your answers to these questions, and think about the type of clothes you are drawn to (whether or not they reflect those hanging in your closest at the moment).  Compare that information to the style definitions.

          If you answered mostly A’s you are Natural/Sporty; B’s you are Elegant/Classic; C’s you are Romantic/Feminine; D’s are Glamorous/Sexy; E’s are Dramatic/Artistic. 


Monday, February 9, 2015

Play @ Museum of Sex All Star Weekend After Party Hosted by LHHNY's Chrissy Monroe with 1 hr Open Bar sponsored by 'Tiny's Tequila' Feb 13th 2015

For Immediate Release                                               February 9th, 2015


New York, New York- For the first time since 1998 NBA's All Star Weekend will be held in the forbidden fruit mecca known as 'The Big Apple' and its in NYC's newest hot spot  Play @ Museum of Sex where the hottest All Star Celebrity Game after party will be taking place. Just a Hop, Skip and Jump Shot away from Madison Square Garden, Play @ Museum of Sex offers the perfect setting for coupling up in a sultry ambiance amidst a library themed bar conclave just a short distance from the plenti- playful gift shop which is sure to get your Valentine's Weekend off to a steamy start. 

Photos Courtesy of the Museum of Sex

With Museum of Sex's mission in expanding awareness on all facets of human sexuality through education, it seems only right the Alluring Chrissy Monroe, star of the VH1's 'Love and Hip Hop NY', would reign as host of 'Play @ Museum of Sex' All Star Celebrity Game After Party'. Considering Chrissy Monroe's striking sex appeal combined with her entrepreneurial facilitation in developing of some of the worlds most sought after talents of the modeling world through her agency Le Jue Ent, this blonde bombshell is an industry force to be reckoned with. Its pretty safe to say where Chrissy Monroe is there is sure to be a bevy of beauties ready to turn up the heat index on the dance floor. With DJ Danny Dee the Harlem Showstopper and Wilhelmina Models own DJ RIA on the turntables there's no doubt Play @ Museum of Sex will be the HOTTEST after party in the city.

Chrissy Monroe Star of LHHNY seen with furbaby @MargeTiffany

 DJ Danny Dee The Harlem Showstopper


The stars will be present in a variety of capacities as R&B Singer and Grammy Award Winning artist Tameka 'Tiny' Harris sponsors Play's 1-hour open bar with her Tequila brand 'Tiny's Tequilas'. Launched in December 2014, 'Tiny's Tequila' two signature flavors, Lime Light and Honey-Orange, have since received the International Review of Spirits Reward Bronze Medal sure to satisfy any palette. Tiny's Tequila is blended through a unique distillation process offering potency juxtaposed with subtlety. With Libidinous Libations abound during NYC's Highly Anticipated All Star Weekend we invite all Lovers and Friends to 'Play' with us by reserving your table and purchasing your tickets online via our Eventbrite today!!!!

For more information please contact Marvin Coleman 516-864-9378

Produced by Capital M Enterprises